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AI21 Labs

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Co-founded with Ori Goshen and Amnon Shashua, AI21 Labs is motivated by the recent successes of AI as well as its limitations. Focusing on natural language understanding (NLU) as well as generation (NLG), we believe that current neural network technologies are necessary but insufficient, and that the key missing ingredient is semantics. The company is committed to producing technology that is both cutting edge and useful. For more details

Previous Companies

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Co-founded with Jacob Bank and Dan Ariely, and based in part on philosophical research, Timeful had the mission of helping people make the best use of our most precious resource, time. It was acquired by Google in 2015.

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Co-founded with Yaniv and Eran Vakrat (who deserve all the credit; I was co-founder mostly in name only), Figure8 set out to help the Home Transportation Officer plan and manage her kids' transportation. The company was acquired by in 2019.

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Co-founded with Mike Munie and Thuc Vu, Katango set out to help people tame their exploding social circles in social media, adopting an algorithmic approach. The company was acquired by Google in 2011.

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Trading Dynamics

TradingDynamics pioneered the concept of the Universal Trading System, in which one could quickly define, configure and trade in a market. Based on deep knowledge of auction theory, the company focused on B2B marketplaces, and was acquired by Ariba in 2000.

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I am also an advisor to Rubust Intelligence.

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